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Noor Aromas is a small family business that brings faith inspired candles, wax melts and reed diffusers. Faith and spirituality bring us peace, and we hope by applying our products to your homes the aromas will bring peace to our busy everyday lives. At the heart of our business is our faith, Islam. A religion of peace that intertwines our brand values together and allows us to continue to bring a unique concept.


Our ingredients (where possible) are selected based on prophetic (Sunnah) ingredients and all natural products. For example, our luxury collection will bring you the aroma of ‘musk’ which was Nasai reported as follows: Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) used to put on the best of the male perfumes: “the purest of all perfumes is musk”. And aren’t we lucky that they all smell gorgeous!

Noor is the Arabic word for light as we all know candles omit with Aromas relating to the beautiful scents in our products. Coincidently, the initials of our daughters are N and A (which is a happy coincidence!)

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We’re currently a husband + wife team with our immediate family helping with packaging orders, labelling, childcare and everything else!

As our brand evolves we're open to stock our products in stores and hosting stalls in events in and around London. 

Contact us for more information:

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